General Information


    We accept visa, mastercard, personal checks, money orders and      cashier checks for the item plus shipping before shipment.      Shipment will be via UPS.

 •   All orders from outside the U.S.A., Must be paid via Western
     Union or Bank Wire Transfer.

 •   Limited warranty covers manufacturer defects for repair or      replacement only.

  •  For artillery we require a down payment with a signed purchase      order with the remainder of the invoice due upon completion.

  •  The artillery piece can be customized with color scheme and       insignias of your choice.

  •  Shipping for artillery will be calculated to allow for the most      economical method.

  •  For artillery instruction of the proper loading and firing of the      artillery will be provided. We recommend Goex Pinnacle Replica      Black Powder because it is clean burning and non-corrosive.

  •  A Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk must be signed      before final transfer of artillery. (See legal page for copy of      Waiver.)



MVPA Member # 30738

Bismarck Guns and Artillery
Doug Green - Owner / Master Craftsman
509 Tomahawk Lane - Bismarck, Arkansas 71929
501-865-3700 or 501-282-6836

*All Items are custom made to order and under a limited warranty.
*All sales final. No refunds, no returns unless authorized by Bismarck Guns. There is a 20%  restocking fee on all authorized returned items.
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